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The Secret to Manifesting Inspired
Financial Prosperity Program
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Do you desire greater freedom?
Is money a struggle for you?
Are you successful- yet in debt?
Is your career lifeless?
Are you a Law of Attraction
student- yet prosperity alludes you?

Explore these amazing tools
with the Manifesting Prosperity Course:

The Law of Attraction: How To Create Wealth,

The Importance of Creating Clear Intentions

The Art of Receiving the Wealth You Deserve

Powerful Feelings to Attract What You Want

Spiritual Wealth-allowing the Universe
to co-create with you.
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You may decide that Life Coaching and my unique
Power Your Life Method is for you.

This method offers The Secrets of Manifesting, such as The Law of Attraction, Powerful Intentions, and the Art of Allowing-that you can use on a daily basis to create lasting change. Change takes place not only in the mind but also in your heart, your emotions,your spirit and your health.

You will learn about your Emotional Guidance System. You will create a vision and act from a place within that is based on clarity, inspiration and passion.

By shifting your energy while aligning deeply with your purpose, you will attract and accelerate the realization of your life dreams.
Learn how to Measure where you are at on the Attraction Scale!

Please note that the Law of Attraction is not about imagining something you want and then it will magically appear. There is more to it than that. It is essential to understand how this law works. Then you can use it successfully, and really start to see significant changes in your life.
The Art of Allowing is key to receiving all that you intend to have and to be. It is the single most challenging tool. Once you understand how to let go in a deep manner, then you can enjoy the treasures you have asked for!

The Power Your Life Method™ and Program includes meditation techniques as well as your personalized custom CD.

to help you attract and to manifest desirable qualities. This method will enable you to connect with your unique talents and to align your energy with your true priorities.

The following situations may sound familiar...

These real life client success stories can be yours
through the Power Your Life ™
Linda's Story
Linda wanted to lose weight,
and was searching for a weight loss program. However, her low self-esteem contributed to overeating. Whenever she felt frustrated with herself or her life, she grabbed candy or chips.
We began by helping Linda to embrace healthy beliefs. Her personalized CD allowed her to deeply relax and, at this level of mind, to open up to positive beliefs and habits. She affirmed:
  • I experience greater love in my life each day.
  • I love and accept myself just the way I am.
  • I affirm good health and high energy.
Through guided imagery, she visualized being surrounded by loving people. She imagined eating nutritious foods. In these realistic scenes she saw and felt dynamic and fit.

Linda began working out and ultimately lost forty pounds.
She felt more attractive, confident and optimistic about herself and her life. Being in shape gave her the extra energy she needed to accomplish business goals she had only vaguely pondered before. As a result, she gained new clients and increased her prosperity!
Mitch's Story
I met Mitch at a seminar. We began to talk, and he shared his need to be guided with personal career development. Mitch is a consultant working with adults and children with special problems. He has always worked "hard" struggling to be successful.

He never seemed to quite reach his career goals, and his belief that he lacked financial security kept him hanging on to clients and projects that weren't satisfying. Mitch also wanted more time to enjoy life and to cultivate other interests.

Using the Power Your Life™ method, Mitch was able to build a prosperity consciousness through positive thoughts and through feeling prosperous and successful, until those situations actually manifested in his daily life. Through guided imagery he was able to envision a new way of attaining his life goals, and to create lasting change.

First, Marcie and Mitch developed a plan applying The Law of Attraction to receive meaningful and fun work. They also agreed to cut down on his client preparation time. As a result, Mitch felt prepared without falling into the trap of being a perfectionist.

For the first time Mitch worked only with preferred clients, and began presenting new and creative workshops for teachers and parents.

Rather than constantly struggling, his life and finances started to "flow." He now has time for his family, time to travel, and to maintain a beautiful garden. Mitch has discovered that personal coaching is a dynamic way to achieve life balance!
*Names are changed to protect client privacy


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